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About Dr. Blumer

Phil Blumer, DVM, has been treating area pets for more than 40 years. For more than 30 of those years, he owned the Friendship Veterinary Clinic in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He has been providing house call services and performing difficult surgeries for many veterinary clinics for more than five years.

Staying Busy

Dr. Blumer is also part of the full-time staff at the Okaloosa Walton Veterinary Emergency Clinic and provides relief work for several veterinarians in the area. He has even repaired broken wings and legs on hawks, owls, and water birds.

Valuable Experience

Though Dr. Blumer is not board certified, he has become adept at performing many non-routine surgeries through years of experience combined with numerous continuing education courses. He also has the knowledge and experience to treat your dogs and cats in your home.

Convenient Care

Many pets suffer debilitating and painful injuries that can be corrected when the owners do not have to travel to expensive and distant specialists. Dr. Blumer recently treated a cat that could not use a rear leg due to both an ACL rupture and a medial patella luxation.

The owner had been told the cat should stay on medication for the extremely painful conditions. She was also told that no one local could repair the injuries, and any care would have to be provided by a specialist. Dr. Blumer was able to repair both injuries, and the cat is now doing well.

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