House Calls

Routine Veterinary House Calls & Checkups in Northwest, Florida

Give your pets proper care with veterinary house calls and checkups from At Home Veterinary Service and Surgery in Shalimar, Florida. Service is limited to dogs and cats. Routine care, including examinations, vaccinations, and some minor surgeries are covered. Unfortunately, Dr. Blumer is not able to offer emergency services. The areas covered include Ft. Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville, Crestview, and South Walton County as well as others.

Happy Pets

Many pets are more at ease in their home surroundings than in a veterinarian’s office. This is particularly true for cats that are afraid to ride in cars. House calls are ideal for dogs that show aggression toward other animals, or are so large or debilitated that they are hard to load in a car.

Quiet Goodbyes

Say goodbye to your family pet in privacy. Dr. Blumer offers in-home euthanasia so that your pet is able to spend his final moments in a comfortable, familiar place instead of a scary, noisy veterinary clinic.

Contact Dr. Blumer in Shalimar, Florida, to provide your pet routine care without the stress of going to a veterinarian’s office.